As a by-product of our current effort to develop the maize model we assembled an up to date Arabidopsis model with additional reactions plus detailed GPRs and balanced reaction entries. The additional reactions mostly account for secondary metabolism such as carotenoid, phenylpropanoid and glucosinolate biosynthesis that play important role in plant defense system. The developed model for Arabidopsis, A. thaliana iRS1597, contains 1597 genes, 1798 reactions and 1820 metabolites. As many as 228 reactions and 72 metabolites are unique to A. thaliana iRS1597 model compared to the AraGEM model.

Related Publications:

Saha, R., Suthers, P.F. and C.D. Maranas (2011), "Zea mays, iRS1563: a comprehensive genome-scale metabolic model of maize metabolism, "PLoS ONE, 6(7): e21784.

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