Zea mays, commonly known as maize or corn, is a plant organism of paramount importance as a food crop, biofuel production platform and a model for studying plant genetics. We have developed a metabolic model for maize, Zea mays iRS1563, that contains 1,563 genes and 1,825 metabolites involved in 1,985 reactions. All reactions are elementally and charged balanced and localized into six different compartments (i.e., cytoplasm, mitochondrion, plastid, peroxisome, vacuole and extracellular). As many as 445 reactions and 369 metabolites are unique to the maize model compared to the AraGEM model for A. thaliana. 674 metabolites and 893 reactions are present in Zea mays iRS1563 that are not accounted for in maize C4GEM. The developed model corresponds to the largest and more complete to-date effort at cataloguing metabolism for a plant species.

Related Publications:

Saha, R., Suthers, P.F. and C.D. Maranas (2011), "Zea mays, iRS1563: a comprehensive genome-scale metabolic model of maize metabolism," PLoS ONE, 6(7): e21784.

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