We have constructed a kinetic model of Escherichia coli core metabolism that satisfies the fluxomic data for wild-type and seven mutant strains. This model encompasses 138 reactions, 93 metabolites and 60 substrate-level regulatory interactions accounting for glycolysis/gluconeogenesis, pentose phosphate pathway, TCA cycle, major pyruvate metabolism, anaplerotic reactions and a number of reactions in other parts of the metabolism. We have developed an optimization-driven parameter identification method and integrated it with the Ensemble Modeling (EM) procedure for model parameterization.

Related Publications:

Khodayari A., A.R. Zomorrodi, J.C. Liao and C.D. Maranas (2014), "A kinetic model of Escherichia coli core metabolism satisfying multiple sets of mutant flux data". Metabolic engineering, 25C:50-62.

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