MAPs (2013): A database of Modular Antibody Parts for predicting and designing antibody variable domains.

Despite the growing availability of this high-throughput data, we still know very little about the metabolic contributions of individual microbial players within an ecological niche and the extent and directionality of metabolic interactions among them. This calls for development of efficient modeling frameworks to elucidate less understood aspects of metabolism in microbial communities.

The MAPs database consists of 929 mostly-human, mostly-germline antibody "parts" that can be used to assemble antibody variable domains. A model variable domain can be created for a target antibody sequence by predicting the antibody's germline sequence, assembling the most similar structures from the MAPs database and mutating them to the germline sequence, and then mutating that structure to the target sequence. Here youcan download the database. An upcoming release of an updated IPRO suite of programs will contain full, integrated supported for structure prediction and design.

The code is freely available for academic users. Before downloading our software, we ask for your name and institution so we may better design future versions of our software. Every consideration has been made during the design, writing, and posting of this code to ensure the program works properly.

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