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Photo of the Costas Maranas Research Group from April 2019.

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The group is led by Prof. Costas D. Maranas, Donald B. Broughton Professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering at Penn State. Research interests include metabolic network reconstruction, analysis and redesign, synthetic biology and microbial strain design for bio-renewables and biofuels production, computational enzyme and antibody design and bioinformatics.

The C. Maranas lab (http://maranas.che.psu.edu) has a number of research openings for undergraduate and graduate students. Research funding is available for work during the academic year and summer semester. Exceptional candidates have in the past been admitted into the graduate program receiving full graduate student stipends beginning the Summer (or even Spring) semester of their senior year. One project track involves metabolic model construction and computational strain redesign for the production of bio-renewables and biofuels. Emphasis will be placed on anaerobic (and photosynthetic) organisms that can make use of gaseous carbon sources (e.g., methane, carbon dioxide, etc.). The second track involves the development of computational tools for the computer-aided design of proteins, antibodies and enzymes. Depending on the project, students will be expected to develop a strong biochemistry or biophysics background, good programming skills and knowledge of systems optimization. All projects will be carried out in collaboration with leading experimental labs in the US with possible student exchange opportunities. Early participation in scientific conferences and opportunities for research presentations will be made available. You should contact Prof. Costas D. Maranas at costas@psu.edu for additional information.

You can learn more about our group's research and download our journal publications.

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